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A portion of our proceeds are reserved to support horse rescue across the country.

Round Bale Nets

Round Bale Nets

Texas Haynet’s round bale nets promote a healthy eating pace for horses, cattle, and other livestock. With our high-quality nets, you don’t have to decide between over- or underfeeding your animals. The mesh creates limited access to the hay, to encourage your livestock to slow down. This results in less waste and promotes better digestive health. 

We specifically designed these hay nets for round bales. They feature lightweight nylon mesh and 1.75” holes for optimum access. Our slow-feed nets are easy to install and also work perfectly with Tarter’s Equine Pro Feeders and Cradle Bay Feeders. We donate a portion of our proceeds to horse rescue organizations in the United States. Order our round bale nets now to reduce hay waste and improve the health of your livestock. 

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*Returns and Shipping: Product can be returned up to 30 days after purchase. Refunds (less shipping) are issued upon receipt of the product. Shipments outside of the USA require additional shipping fees.

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