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Cattle waste 40-50% of a round bale. With Texas Haynet, they waste less than 10%

Cows are built different than horses from the hooves up. Our Livestock Round Bale Net reduces waste without slowing down consumption.

A Net With Cows in Mind

  • Since cattle don’t have top teeth, they use their tongue to grab for forage. A 3” hole, almost twice the size of the slow-feeding net, makes it easy for them.
  • Forage with thick stems, like alfalfa or straw, can be tough to eat through small holes. 
  • Bigger holes make it less likely for stock to chew through the net.

How much money could you be saving?

Average hay consumption: 23 lbs. per cow per day.

  • That’s just under 8,400 lbs. (over 4 tons) PER HEAD, yearly.

  • Before Texas Haynet, two tons of hay per cow would go to waste, yearly. 

  • Using Texas Haynet, that waste is reduced to under half a ton.


    Different stomachs, different needs

    While horses are mono gastric, meaning they only have one stomach. Cows are ruminant animals, along with sheep, goats, deer, bison, and others, meaning they have four stomachs.

    Ruminants process forage much more efficiently than horses. Digestion begins almost immediately after consumption. In addition, ruminants have the ability to chew their cud for 8 hours a day and further breakdown food material before it is completely digested making them less prone to ulcers and colic than horses.  Therefore, slow feeding is not a concern for ruminants. However, hay waste is still a major pain point for owners. The livestock net is specifically designed to address waste.

    Good for special horses, too

    Certain animals may benefit from a larger opening, as well. Horses who are older, blind or who suffer from dental issues will find a 3” hole more easier to use.  Horses facing extreme winter weather conditions also benefit from the larger holes.

    Our slow feed hay nets are available in round bale, square bale, and small sizes.

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