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Small Hay Nets

Busy Bag - Chicken Feeder




30 days to exchange or return


47" long


25" wide


17" tall

Hole Size



Produce, scraps, treats

Made in



Knotted Nylon Mesh

What’s in the box

 1 knotted nylon net 1” holes

1 Heavy Duty Carabiner Clip

Installation instructions

Perfect For

 Chickens, Turkeys,  Geese, Ducks


 30 days



Designed specifically for poultry, our chicken feeder is the perfect boredom buster. The Busy Bag is great for fresh produce, scraps, and other healthy treats for chickens. The Busy Bag keeps chickens focused on working for food instead of picking on coop mates. Safe and gentle on beaks, the Busy Bag won't cause beak sores like metal suet cages and other chicken feeders.


Small Hay Nets

Our diverse product selection includes the most versatile small hay nets. This scaled-down version features the same UV-resistant nylon and high-quality construction as our larger options. These hay bags are ideal for smaller portion sizes, whether you’re feeding goats, horses, or other livestock. They also work nicely in corner mount feeders like the one made by Tarter for maximum convenience. 

Small hay bags give your livestock access to clean hay throughout the day, and they encourage animals to eat at a natural grazing pace. Overeating can lead to digestive health concerns and issues such as ulcers, founder, or colic. When you change the way your animals eat, you help them stay healthy and strong. Order our small hay nets today.

***Due to high order volume, orders can take up to 5 business days to ship.***

*Returns and Shipping: Product can be returned up to 30 days after purchase. Refunds (less shipping) are issued upon receipt of the product. Shipments outside of the USA require additional shipping fees.

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