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Hay Nets for Goats

While most farmers, ranchers, and stable owners use hay nets primarily for horses, they can have huge benefits for goat farmers as well. Unlike horses, goats are ruminant animals, which means they’re less likely to develop digestive problems, such as ulcers or colic. Even though there are fewer overeating health risks for goats, a hay net is still a good strategy to reduce hay waste. Here’s everything you need to know about using hay nets for goats. 

Hay Nets Prevent Goats from Wasting Hay 

When goats have unrestricted access to an entire hay bale, waste is inevitable. Hay may end up on the ground, where it becomes soiled with mud, urine, or feces. The more hay your goats burn through, the higher your expenses. Hay nets encourage goats to consume and waste less hay—that amounts to reduced costs in the long run. Less hay on the ground also ensures your goats have access to clean hay at all times. 

Elevation May Be Necessary 

We recommend using our small hay nets for goats because they offer incredible versatility and can accommodate an appropriate portion size. These nets may be strung up or placed on the ground, but we recommend elevating them for maximum safety, especially for shod animals. Another option is to use a feeder, such as the Dura Tough Small Animal Feeder that can feed several goats at once. Tarter also makes a corner mount feeder that’s perfect with our small hay nets. These options reduce cleanup because they keep the hay in a contained basket. 

Shop Hay Nets for Goats 

At Texas Haynet, our small hay nets are a great choice for goats and other small livestock. The right hay net can help you maximize your hay supply and minimize cleanup. Purchase several and place them throughout the barn to encourage even more natural grazing. Shop our quality supplies at Texas Haynet. 

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