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What Makes the Texas Haynet Brand Different?

Our material quality & construction:

  • We use UV resistant, knotted nylon.
  • Knotted nylon is stronger than knotless.
  • Our nets do not have seams. That literally means "no falling apart at the seams".
  • Texas Haynets are made in America.

How easy our nets are to use:

  • Most customers find our nets are easier to put on than other brands.
  • Our nets are light weight and do not require heavy equipment to use.

What we value:

What Hole Size Should I Buy?

There are several things to consider when choosing a hole size. Here are the basics:

  • 95% of animals do well with 1.75" holes.
  • For heavy breeds or aggressive eaters we recommend a 2.5" hole or bigger.
  • For mini breeds we recommend a 1.5-1" hole.
  • For cattle, senior horses with dental/vision issues, or thick stemy hay we recommend a 3" hole.


How Long Will My Bale Last

There are a number of factors that influence bale life. Here are some examples from users we surveyed. As a general rule of thumb you can expect:

  • Round and large square bales last 3-5 more days.
  • 2 String square bales (50-60lbs) last about 48 hours with 2 horses.
  • When using a small hay net, hay lasts at least twice as long.


What Kind of Savings Can I Expect?

You can expect money, time & hay savings. The amount of each varies based on several things, but generally speaking:

  • Round bale hay nets waste less than 6% of a bale.
  • Round bale nets cost 50% less than other hay feeders.
  • Hay nets can cut hay expenses dramatically because fewer bales are needed.
  • Spend less time feeding and eliminate time spent cleaning up wasted hay.


How Long Will a Hay Net Last?

This varies based on the type of net, how many animals are using the net and how many days a year you feed hay.

  • Round bale nets normally last 2-4 years. Sometimes longer.
  • Square bale nets typically last 3+ years.
  • Small nets can last 5+ years.

Holes can happen, but that doesn't mean the net isn't usable or won't continue to save hay. Our hay nets can be easily repaired and stay in service for years.

What Happens as They Eat the Round Bale Down?

As a large hay bale goes down, the net goes down with it and it begins to flatten out like a pancake.

It is not necessary to tighten the net, but you can. Typically the net is still pretty heavy until the last day or 2 of hay is left which can make it hard to cinch up.

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Will the Net Freeze to the Ground?

If you live in an area that has frequent snow & ice, your net could temporarily freeze to the ground.

To prevent this we recommend using a feeder that helps keep your net off the ground. Search for hay cradles and elevated hay feeders to find something that fits your needs.

How Do I Use a Hay Net?

To learn how to use or install a net, check out our how to videos.


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