how to choose the best hay net 

If you’ve decided to invest in hay nets for your barn, stable, or ranch, you may be unsure of the right one to pick. However, choosing the best hay net doesn’t need to be complicated. At Texas Haynet, we have an abundance of options to suit several different needs, so educating yourself on the differences between them is a good place to start. 


Hay net size and bale size go hand-in-hand, so it’s important to choose the right hay bales for your feeding requirements. Bales that are too large or too small aren’t ideal.  

  • Large: Large bales accommodate horses and cattle, especially if you have to feed a lot of them. When the bales aren’t big enough, animals may become aggressive to assert their dominance of the supply.  
  • Small: If you need to feed farm animals, such as goats or sheep, smaller hay bales are usually sufficient. You can also use small hay nets to distribute hay throughout the property to promote more grazing during the day. 


The type of hay net you purchase depends on the bales you use. We have nets specifically designed to suit the shape or style that makes the most sense for your animals. 

  • Round: Round bales are typically larger than square bales, so the nets themselves must be large enough to accommodate them.  
  • Square: Square bales are perfect for feeding smaller animals or delivering smaller portions—our square hay nets are small enough to hang in the barn or set on the ground. 
  • Basket and Feeders: If you have feeder baskets, you’ll want to choose a net that fits comfortably inside. For example, we offer net kits specifically sized for Tarter equine hay baskets


Most animals will adapt to hole sizes of less than 3” after the first few feedings. We recommend 1.75” for most horses, but some horses may become frustrated and require a larger hole. In these cases, it may be necessary to step up to a 2 or 3” hole size for your horses. With cattle, we suggest 3” holes because they primarily use their tongues to grab the hay. Read more about hole sizes here.  

Choosing the best hay net for your needs can be tough - if you have any questions about our net styles, shapes, or sizes, contact Texas Haynet for assistance.