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Heavy Gauge Round Bale Hay Net

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Picture spending less time feeding and more time doing what you love. Think about how much you spend on hay and cut that number in half. Imagine improving your horse's health and worrying less about colic and ulcers. Our round bale feeder will help you save money, time, and their life. 

Designed specifically for the aggressive eaters, this slow feed hay net is ideal for horses who tend be destructive. This net is twice as thick as our original round bale hay net and weighs 13lbs. The 2.25" holes allow the animal to pull out a little more hay and helps keep their frustration level down.

With the Texas Haynet Round Bale Net, horses are no longer allowed to engorge themselves and frivolously waste expensive hay. The net is lightweight and easy to install - no heavy equipment required. 

*Use caution with shod animals.  We recommend using a round bale feeder with a solid barrier between the shoe and the net (pictured and sold separately).  Use caution with horned animals and animals with ear tags.  Use caution with small hooves when using nets with holes larger than 1.75".

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Best thing ever

So easy to use and it works so very well!!! Less waste of hay and they can eat like normal! Love this


Best haynet I have seen!!! Love it!!

This hay net is awesome!!! It has saved me so much wasted hay! It's heavy duty and made well. Well worth price because I have no wasted hay! Thank You Texas haynet!!!!!

Rochelle D.


Love how big it is, no struggle getting it over our large round bales anymore. Bigger holes than old one, but the horses aren’t eating it any faster. No holes yet. Set it up in October, it’s on the second bale now, so I can’t speak to longevity in freezing and extreme hot temperatures....we have both here in SD.

Jackie T.

NO holes, NO snags, NO waste! Heavy duty, quality net.

I am leaving this review after using the hay net on one large round bale. It took 2 weeks for my horses to finish the bale. I checked on it every day at first, just to make sure they didn't rip a hole in it, or become entangled. I've never used a hay net before. After the net began to sag, I checked it every couple of days, just to make sure they could still get hay. They seemed to easily be able to move the loose net around with their mouths to get what they wanted. At this point, there were no holes, so I left it alone. My first impression after taking it out of the box is that it is heavy. The netting is thick and the rope that cinches it tight around the bottom of the bale is a good quality rope. I like that the rope is knotted at one end, this prevents it from pulling through and being useless for cinching. I have four horses, who have never eaten through a hay net, eating on this at a time. The size of the holes is large enough that they can get hay easily enough, but not too quickly. After the first bale through it, there are NO holes, NO snags, and NO places where the knots let loose and widened a gap. I was impressed! Once the horses finished the bale, I picked up the net, and there was literally NO waste! There was only a handful of hay left in the net, and that's only because the loose netting fell on that area. Most impressive, there was NO loose hay on the ground around the feeder. I don't know how long this net will last, but I imagine a long time because of it's impressive quality! This is worth the money. Lastly, it did take my husband and I both to get the net over the next bale. Our bales are large round ones, and it's just easier with two people (probably not necessary). We also put a round bale feeder ring around the whole thing after we get the net on. This works for us! Thanks, Texas Haynet for a quality product!

Timothy D.


Works great. 3 horses and made the bale last over twice as long. Still have it in a round feeder and pressure wash it before I put it on a new bale.

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Our slow feed hay nets are available in round bale, square bale, and small sizes.

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