Hay Nets help Improve digestion & eliminate hay Waste

Eliminating waste is one of the biggest reasons horse owners use hay nets, but that is just one of many advantages. Another benefit of slow hay feeders is that they help prevent serious health problems like colic and ulcers. By mimicking grazing, nets allow horses to eat and digest hay at a natural speed preventing many common digestive issues.

Money, Time & Hay Savings

Hay nets are cost effective, but round bale hay nets in particular offer huge savings. Studies show that horses will waste 60% of a round bale when no feeder is used. With a Texas Haynet, waste is less than 6%. That's less than any other type of hay feeder on the market.

In addition to reducing waste, hay nets of any size can help you:

  • Extend bale life and the time it takes to eat a bale, making your hay last longer.
  • Cut your hay costs (many cases in half) because fewer bales are needed throughout the year.
  • Recover your investment faster by paying for themselves in a month.
  • Reduce the time spent putting hay out to feed.
  • Eliminate the time spent cleaning up wasted hay.

Health Benefits

  • Prevent colic and ulcers
  • Help both easy and hard keepers maintain a healthy weight.
  • Maintain proper insulin, cortisol and glucose levels.
  • Reduce meal time stress and aggression, boredom, and stable vices by keeping them busy longer.
  • Minimize lung irritation by reducing the amount dust in the air.
  • Prevent eye injuries caused by burrowing deep into a hay bale.