Welcome to our net repair instructions page, where we provide all the guidance you need to fix your hay nets and keep them in tip-top shape! Maintaining the durability and functionality of your nets is essential for ensuring optimal feeding for your animals. With our easy-to-follow net repair instructions, you'll be able to mend any damages and prolong the life of your hay nets. Dive into our net repairing guide and confidently tackle any repairs while ensuring continued benefits for your livestock.

Learn How to Repair a Hay Net in Minutes

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About Texas Haynet Net Repairing 

Over time, you may encounter a tear or hole in your Texas Haynet. Usual wear and tear or enthusiastic eating by your horses or livestock can cause the net to separate. However, it is not necessary to purchase a new net. With a Texas Haynet Repair Kit, you can easily and quickly mend any tears.

Looking after your net depends on how frequently you use it and how many horses or livestock you have. If you constantly buy new nets, it's time to get a net repair kit! It comes with all the necessary net repairing supplies,, from net repair instructions to net reinforcing patches, so that dealing with even a major rip is no hassle. An ingenious way to save money, time, and effort — net repairing doesn't have to be a chore anymore! With your Texas Haynet Repair Kit, mending any tears is a breeze.

Net Repair Instructions

Are you looking to repair your net? We've got you covered with our net repair instructions!
Your repair kit will include two net patches for those larger holes and around 10 feet of twine for mending purposes.
To start the repair, follow these easy-to-understand instructions, or check out the video above for some helpful visuals. 

  1. Find the outer edges on either side of the hole. Using one end of the twine from your kit, tie the edges together at the top of the hole. Tie one knot (as if you were tying your shoe), then secure with another knot on top of that one.
  2. Continue to pull the sides of the hole together under that first knot. To make your next knot, form a loop on one side of the hole; thread the twine behind the two torn sides and then pull it through the loop.
  3. Then secure the knot by cinching down tight and sliding the new knot up just below the first knot.
  4. Repeat the looping process, pulling the twine behind/underneath the two torn sides and through the loop, then cinching down and sliding the knot up.
  5. Be sure to tighten each knot as you repair the hole. Tightness is the key.
  6. Once the hole is secure, tie several knots at the end of the line. You do this by making a loop and pulling the twine directly through the loop. Do not include any netting in the knot.
  7. Make a couple of knots to secure the repaired area, then cut the remainder of the twine below the last knot. Save twine for other repairs.
  8. You can use a lighter or match to melt the last knot for added protection if you like.

 And there you have it – follow these net repair instructions, and your net will be as good as new!

For additional help with net repairing, please contact us.

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