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Round Bale Hay Net

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Picture spending less time feeding and more time doing what you love. Think about how much you spend on hay and cut that number in half. Imagine improving your horse's health and worrying less about colic and ulcers. Our round bale feeder will help you save money, time, and their life.

  • What's In the Box:
  • Slow Feed
  • Made in the USA
  • 30 Day Exchange/Return

This slow feed hay net is perfect for round bales and large square bales. The Texas Haynet Round Bale Net helps prevent colic, founder, and ulcers by slowing down consumption to a natural pace. Regulating hay in take helps improve digestion, calms aggressive behavior, reduces herd stress, alleviates boredom and unwanted stable vices, prevents serious health problems caused by overeating and burrowing into the center of the bale.

With the Texas Haynet Round Bale Net, horses are no longer allowed to engorge themselves and frivolously waste expensive hay. The net is lightweight and easy to install - no heavy equipment required. 

*Use caution with shod animals.  We recommend using a round bale feeder with a solid barrier between the shoe and the net.  Use caution with horned animals and animals with ear tags. Use caution with small hooves when using nets with holes larger than 1.75".

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Hay Saver!!

I don’t generally feed round bales. They allow the horses to waste a ton, plus the amount of dust they inhale with their heads constantly in them. However, my husband and I are first responders and when Covid hit our community, we knew we would potentially be working 16 hour days. We needed to make sure our horses would be able to still be fed if we couldn’t make it home. So we purchased this hay net and a few round bales. I was worried they would pull the netting off the bale, I didn’t have a lot of faith in the tie at the bottom of the bale. So we put a ratchet step at the bottom of the bale. It wasn’t until the next day did I realise that was unnecessary. Once they start pulling the hay through and the bale loosens and falls down around the netting, there’s so much weight on the bottom that they couldn’t pull the netting off. With that though. The netting is still very stretchy to accommodate more hay flaking loose and adapt to the horses nosing around to get the hay. The second picture is day 3. Day 3!! Look how much is not on the ground! My horses can definitely get impatient with the hay nets, as I have smaller ones that I use for flakes. The cheaper brands have definitely not made it though a week for me, but at the end of 3 weeks on one bale, I could not find one damaged spot. I am impressed and have recommended this net over and over again to friends. We checked the knot towards the end of the bales life and just retighted it once the bale was small enough to get to the knot. I will purchase again if this net ever dies on me.

Texas Haynet Round Bale Hay Net ReviewTexas Haynet Round Bale Hay Net ReviewTexas Haynet Round Bale Hay Net Review
Amazon C.
This product pays for itself.

I read a lot of reviews before purchasing a hay net. We purchased the Texas Hay Net, and are pleased with it. We have used it throughout this winter with our two geldings. Our big bay QH is an easy keeper and this hay net has helped slow down his eating, so he doesn't get too fat eating on the round bale. During the winter, the horses get a little bored, so slowly working at the hay to pull it out of the holes keeps them busy. This hay net is very durable. It is intact, just like we purchased it, after several uses. This hay net reduces the waste of hay, because the horses aren't pulling it out and stomping it down into the mud and manure. Each round bale we put out lasts far longer than before we started using it.

United States United States
Awesome product

Love this product and the service here. Just bought a replacement net today. I have had my other one for 8 years! Of course it has been repaired a couple times in the last few years but what a value!! Great hay saver, no waste.

A Texas Haynet Customer
Amy C.

Excellent product highly pleased have large round bale net Great Quality. I also purchased little hay bag( net bag) for trailer love it and extra size n lenght of bright yellow drawstring is excellent. Will definitely be repeat customer. Purchased mine at Farm Center in Rolla.


YES!YES!YES! This thing is a money saver. This 5’ round bale for 4 horses is going to last 3 weeks. Amazing. And virtually NO WASTE. They love it and it makes them eat slow. Very good quality. Very strong. But it takes two people to do it efficiently.

Texas Haynet Round Bale Hay Net Review

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Our slow feed hay nets are available in round bale, square bale, and small sizes.

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