Every month we get numerous emails, letters, phone calls from equine rescues all over the country requesting hay net donations.  Unfortunately, we cannot yet honor every request so we are left the heart breaking task of picking and choosing.  There are so many deserving organizations out there.  How do you choose just 1 each month?

Enter Rescue of the Month.  We decided to stop choosing and let the fates decide.  We launched our first Rescue of the Month contest on Facebook in October of 2014 and never looked back.

During the first week of every month we post a call to action for our followers to nominate their favorite non-profit horse rescue or therapy organization for the Rescue of the Month.  The concept is simple:  people nominate/vote for a rescue in the comments section of our post and the organization with the most votes wins.  We then ship a round bale hay net to the winner at no cost and list them on our horse rescue page.  By the end of the year we given 12 nets to 12 different rescues.

We hoped that people would introduce us to rescues nationwide and return each month to help us support a different one.  What we didn't expect was the overwhelming response to this program.  OurFacebook page literally will not load some days due to the incredible volume of activity.  The enthusiasm, devotion, and good will that people have for horse rescue is amazing!  We are proud to be a part of it. 

We have a deep, personal connection to the rescue of all kinds, but especially horses.  It is something we will continue to support as long as we are in business.  Please join us on  Facebook and VOTE!

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